Avoiding The Financial Pitfalls Of The Winter Season

1 December 2014
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog


Payday loans are often used to help people navigate the issues associated with unexpected expenses. As the weather gets colder, low temperatures create a whole category of emergency expenses that aren't an issue during the warm months. These weather-related issues can often cause financial situations that even a fast cash loan can't help you with.

Fortunately, preventing these financial disasters isn't terribly difficult. Often, just being aware of why certain things happen can make it easy to take steps to protect your home and your budget. Even if it means taking out a small loan, taking these simple preparations are often a much better choice than the alternative.

Frozen Pipes

When water freezes inside the plumbing of your house, it expands. This expansion can sometimes cause the pipe to rupture, creating the need for extensive—and expensive—plumbing work. Also, because the ruptured pipe can sometimes cause an immediate leak, water damage adds to the financial cost of this issue.

Even though it's tempting to save money on heat, it's important to keep the thermostat set high enough to prevent a freeze. Experts recommend that you never let the temperature drop below 55 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your pipes clear. Remember, the cost of extra heat is much lower than a plumbing repair visit.

Vehicle Breakdowns

Auto repairs are always a possibility when you own a vehicle. However, the cold temperatures of the winter months place stress on the mechanics of your car or truck. That's because it's harder for the engine to reach the right operating temperature, and there is increased friction in the engine until the motor oil heats up.

That said, warming up your car by idling wastes money and does not significantly help your vehicle's performance. Antifreeze and oil levels, on the other hand, are absolutely critical to a car's winter performance. Skip the extended warm-up periods but do not skip routine maintenance--even when money is tight!

Home Heater Repairs

A heating repair is quite costly. When temperatures drop, your heater is required to run almost constantly in order to maintain a comfortable climate in your home. When heaters aren't prepared for the winter, this extensive use can cause a serious problem.

The most effective way to prevent a major repair in the winter is to have your heater inspected before the temperature drops. Often, minor issues can be spotted and fixed for a low cost. That way, they won't cause stress to your heating unit and lead to thousands of dollars in emergency repairs during a cold winter night.

When money is an issue, many people neglect to take the steps that would have helped them avoid a major financial disaster. Even if you need to take out a small fast cash loan to do so, proper preparation is critical to navigating the winter months. That way, winter doesn't have to be a financial minefield for you and your family.